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apps for SMBs

4 Reasons Why SMBs Should Have a Mobile App, and Specifically a Web App

Agencies across the nation offer SMBs an array of marketing services from basic website design, to branding, to PR, SEO, PPC, and a wide array of other traditional and digital marketing services. As mobile apps become more and more ever-present in our daily lives, agencies that serve big business brands have started adding mobile apps…

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Home Sweet Home

How to Become a Mobile Friendly Originator: Podcast

Last week our Co-Founder, Ryan Leopold, and Derek van Dam, a Sales Manager with Movement Mortgage, joined the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast, a project of The Mortgage Marketing Institute to talk about originating in the mobile age. Ryan and Derek, who also uses CardTapp’s mobile marketing solution, both believe that modern originators must have a mobile friendly client and…

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Ryan Leopold on My Credit Guy Webinar

Why Mobile Marketing is Crucial for Mortgage Professionals: Interview with My Credit Guy

Our Co-Founder, Ryan Leopold, joined My Credit Guy yesterday for a live interview to talk about CardTapp’s mobile marketing solution for mortgage professionals. Among other things, their conversation touches on: The difference between CardTapp and the usual native mobile app Cost effective Fast set up Instant tracking Click the image below to watch the Facebook…

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top marketing trends for 2017

2017’s Top 4 Consumer Trends to Spark Explosive Growth for Your Business

There’s no doubt that our world is growing more and more connected. Information moves faster each day than it did the day before — and so does the sales and marketing professionals’ hustle to watch and jump on consumer trends to capture, hook, and retain their prospects’ attention. As 2016 came to a close, Stacy DeBroff…

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Getting Started: 2 Easy Ways to Share Your Custom App Faster

Once you’ve got your app customized just the way your customers and referral partners will love, you’re ready to start sharing. While we usually recommend sharing your app one-to-one for best results, getting your app in the most hands as possible will get it working for you faster! Here are 2 great tools that will…

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