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how a mobile app will help make open enrollments easier

3 Ways to Use a Mobile App to Make Open Enrollment Season a Breeze

It’s that time of year again! If you’re an insurance agent who manages any number of accounts, you might be sweating right about now. Open enrollment season can be an overwhelming time of year. You spend so much time following up and answering questions that new prospects can easily slip through the cracks. Good news: everything…

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7 Essential Statistics to Guide Your Marketing Strategy for Mobile

There’s not a lot of variety in opinions around the value of mobile marketing. The short answer to “Should I invest in mobile marketing?” is a definitive yes, no matter the size of your business or the industry you are in. The real question for a mobile marketing strategy is about implementation: how. Is there really any measurable…

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Auto Salesman Lets His App Bring Him Business

Jorge Grajeda: Automotive Sales Consultant, Titus Will Chevrolet Jorge hasn’t been selling cars for long, but when he started three years ago he immediately understood the importance of providing outstanding customer service. Learning how to develop better relationships with his clients, he sought out different kinds of tools that could equip him to become a…

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